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CheckVideo Analytics Encoder

CheckVideo Analytics Encoder


The CheckVideo Analytics Encoder (G1102-16XT) is a compact smart surveillance solution. With industry leading analytics technology that has been proven for over 20 years, the G1102-16XT turns IP cameras into a pro-active detection solution. With an extended temperature rating combined with a tiny 4.5 inch x 4.5 inch form factor, the G1102-16XT can be deployed virtually anywhere. The CheckVideo Analytics Encoder has a capacity of up to 16 cameras and adds video analytics with cloud backup in full 8MP resolution.


Advanced video analytics- protects people, vehicles, and motion.

Network Security- secure encrypted communications

Network Security -Secure encrypted communications. Hacker-proof and secured against network attacks

Cloud VMS

Cloud Managed- No software to download or install -- ever. Each channel has built-in tamper detection and 24/7 health monitoring.

Secure Cloud Storage- Stores all alert video clips at an offsite location, ready for instant search and viewing.


CheckVideo Analytics Encoder Description

The CheckVideo Analytics Encoder is configured and managed through CheckVideo’s Cloud VMS. Combine multiple Analytics Encoders and federate them into a single unified solution through Cloud VMS. Convert your IP cameras to an alarm sensor and send notifications to central stations for faster, verified response. There has never been an easier way to provide comprehensive security.


All IP cameras connected to the NVR become alarm sensors, enabling verified monitoring and push notifications. Be alerted instantly to possible intrusions and stop crime.

View cameras from multiple sites or recorders through a single interface, without ever having to log into the recorder.

The system automatically issues proactive alerts in case of camera tampering, poor video quality or loss of communication.

Find relevant video in seconds, saves hours of time compared to traditional DVR’s.


CheckVideo Analytics Encoder

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